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  • 1. What is the minimum purchase quantity?
    The minimum quantity is one pallet.
  • 2. What is the name of the wood protection impregnation?
    IMPRALIT KDS by the German company Rütgers, the agent is chromium-free.
  • 3. What type of wood is the product made of?
    We produce from pine.
  • 4. Is the product FSC certified?
    Yes, we have a valid FSC certificate.
  • 5. Is the product made of dry wood?
    Wood is dried to a moisture content of 18-22%.
  • 6. What is the delivery time for the order?
    Depending on the ordered quantity and machine conditions, from several days to 5 weeks.
  • 7. Do we arrange transport?
    Yes, we are able to organize any transport.
  • 8. What type of impregnation is used?
    We impregnate using the pressure method in an autoclave. We have a 23 meter long autoclave.
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