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privacy policy


1. This Privacy Policy regulates the rules for the processing of personal data of Users of the Website operating at and related profiles in social media, the list of which is attached to this Policy.

2. The Policy provides information on the categories of collected personal data, the purposes and methods of personal data processing, their further transfer, as well as the rights and capabilities of Users in the processing of their personal data.

3. In addition, the Policy contains detailed information on the cookies used and the possibilities of website users in this regard.


1. Policy - this Privacy Policy, drawn up to ensure the processing of personal data of users in a manner consistent with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (the so-called GDPR), as well as with national regulations that supplement this regulation.

2. Website - website located at, run by the Administrator, i.e. Masurian Wood Sp. z o. o. Sp.k. Szymany 16 B Warmian-Masurian 12-100 Szczytno Poland

3. User - any person who uses the website, regardless of the conclusion of a sales or service contract, as well as a person who uses the Administrator's profiles in social media;

4. Personal data - information about an identified or identifiable natural person based on one or more factors, e.g. on the basis of an identifier such as name and surname, identification number, location data, online identifier or data collected via cookies.

5. Cookie files (so-called cookies) - text files containing IT data on the user's behavior, placed on the end devices he uses (e.g. computers, tablets, etc.) by websites with which he connects.


Masurian Wood Sp. z o. o., with its registered office at Szymany 16 B Warmińsko-Mazurskie 12-100 Szczytno Poland


1. The Administrator may process the following categories of Users' Personal Data:
• First name and last name;
• Shipping address;
• Residence/business address;
• contact phone number;
• E-mail adress;
• NIP (in the case of persons conducting business activity).

2. The Administrator may also process Personal Data to the extent made available by Users on social networking sites. In particular, the Administrator may process name, surname, nickname, data on education, employment, place of residence, as well as image (photo) and others.

3. The data referred to in point 2 are processed only to enable the use of the Administrator's profile through the following User activities:
• liking/following/sharing the Administrator's profile or post;
• adding a comment, sending a private message and other activities on the Administrator's profile.

4. The basis for the processing of Users' Personal Data are:
• consent to data processing (Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR) - in the case of consent to the installation of cookies, as well as the Administrator's marketing activities;
• protection of the Administrator's legitimate interests (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR) - in order to handle inquiries sent via the contact form, as well as in the case of Users' activity on the Administrator's social profiles, pursuing claims by the Administrator or securing against claims of third parties third parties and fulfilling the Administrator's obligations imposed by law.

5. Personal data provided by Website Users will be processed for the following purposes:
• for contact purposes - handling electronic correspondence addressed to the Administrator;
• performance of the sales contract, including completing the order and its shipment and possible consideration of complaints, guarantees or the statutory right to withdraw from the contract;
• issuing a sales document (personal invoice);
• enabling the use of the Administrator's profiles in social media.

6. The above Personal Data, after obtaining the User's prior consent, may also be used to carry out the Administrator's marketing and promotional activities, including by receiving commercial information via e-mail (Newsletter), and in the case of using the Administrator's profile in social media the very activity within this profile means consent to receive marketing content placed by the Administrator on this profile.

7. Consent to participate in the Administrator's marketing or promotional campaigns, including receiving commercial information via e-mail, may be withdrawn at any time by sending a notification to the Administrator's e-mail addresstomaszmuczyn@gmail.comor clicking the deactivation link in the message message or by deleting activity on the Administrator's profile in social media or unfollowing this profile.

8. After receiving the notification referred to in point 7 The Administrator permanently removes the User's data from the Newsletter database.
9. Providing Personal Data by Users is voluntary and necessary to achieve the purposes of processing.


1. The administrator does not process personal data longer than it is necessary for the purposes of processing.
2. In particular, the Administrator processes data:
• persons receiving Newsletter messages - until the User withdraws consent to such processing;
• persons contacting the Administrator - immediately after the end of the purpose for which the contact was made or longer due to the justified interest of the Administrator, but not longer than 6 years (period of limitation of claims).
3. The processing time of the Users' Personal Data in social media depends on the form of the User's activity within the Administrator's profile and amounts to:
• until the User's activity within the profile is removed (e.g. deletion of a comment, post, unfollowing the profile, etc.);
• until the statistical data is stored by a given portal, in accordance with the regulations of a given portal (eg 2 years in the case of Facebook);
• until the case of the contacting person is settled - in the case of a private message;
• until the expiration of the limitation periods for claims or other statutory deadlines (e.g. in connection with the need to store invoices) - in the event of a possible conclusion of a contract between the User and the Administrator.


The Administrator has the right to transfer Users' Personal Data to third parties:
1. external entities participating in the company's accounting services (in terms of personal data visible on invoices);
2. external entities providing hosting of the Administrator's website and e-mail
3. an external entity enabling the sending of the Newsletter;
4. an external entity providing communication and marketing services to the Administrator;
5. stores where purchases are made for the User only to the extent necessary to issue an invoice to the User;
6. selected courier or transport companies, as well as companies intermediating in ordering deliveries (only in the case of shipping ordered goods or sending prizes);
7. entities authorized to do so under the law (including relevant state authorities). As part of its business, the Administrator uses the services of external entities located in the USA, which may involve the transfer of data outside the European Economic Area (Google Analytics, MailerLite). The administrator concludes appropriate agreements for entrusting the processing of personal data with suppliers, guaranteeing an appropriate level of data protection and their security.


1. Users whose Personal Data are processed as part of the Website's activities have the following rights:
• the right to access your data;
• rectification of your data;
• restrictions on their processing;
• the right to object to data processing;
• the right to request deletion of data;
• the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body - the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
2. The right to demand deletion of data may be delayed in time due to the need for processing to establish, pursue or defend claims in connection with the contract concluded between the User and the Administrator - due to the legitimate interest of the Administrator.
3. Exercising the rights referred to in par. 1 or 2 may be made by contacting the Administrator via the e-mail addresstomaszmuczyn@gmail.comor by sending traditional correspondence to the Administrator's correspondence address: Szymany 16 B Warmińsko-Mazurskie 12-100 Szczytno.


1. As part of the Store's website, the Administrator uses cookies (so-called cookies).
2. Cookies are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the website Cookies are also used by the Administrator to provide Users with social networking services and for analytical and marketing purposes.
3. Acceptance of the use of cookies takes place by giving a voluntary, explicit consent during the first visit to the website.
4. Changing the decision regarding the use of cookies may be made by the User by changing the appropriate settings in the web browser he uses.


1. From the point of view of durability, the cookies used by the Administrator's website can be divided into:
• session cookies - allowing for efficient use of the website as part of a given session on the Administrator's website, deleted after its completion;
• permanent cookies - stored longer, they are not automatically deleted after the end of the session on the Administrator's website.
2. From the point of view of the origin of cookies used by the Administrator's website, they can be divided into:
• first party cookies - cookies placed on the User's device by the Administrator;
• third party cookies - cookies that are placed on the User's device by a third party whose services are used by the Administrator (e.g. social networking site, advertising content provider).
3. The Administrator's website may contain links to other websites, such as social networking sites or payment systems. External cookies that come from third parties are independent of the Administrator, and their use is regulated in the Privacy Policies used by these entities.


The administrator uses cookies resulting from:
1. Google Analytics - used for analytical purposes of the Administrator (analysis of User behavior, including the creation of statistics, collected to improve the operation of the website);
2. Wix - used for analytical and organizational purposes of the Administrator, the cookie records Users' behavior in the form of a User activity log in combination with their e-mail address, which is available only to the Administrator and is necessary for the proper functioning of the Administrator's website;
3. Cookie responsible for accepting or not accepting information about the processing of personal data.
4. Cookies enabling Users to use the services offered by social networking sites (external provider services, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, as well as the Sumo service, which allows sharing a selected entry via any social media) .


1. The administrator ensures the security of entrusted personal data by applying appropriate internal procedures, work organization, as well as appropriate equipment and current IT solutions.
2. In particular, the Administrator ensures that the transfer of information on the website between the Administrator and the User will be confidential thanks to encrypted connections by using an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate.


1. This Policy enters into force on March 10, 2023.
2. The Administrator reserves the right to update this Policy on an ongoing basis. Any changes will be published on an ongoing basis on the Administrator's website. ANNEX List of Administrator profiles in social media to which this Policy applies:

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