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We have been dealing with wood for 30 years. We know everything about wood, its our passion that is why we put a part our heart and soul into our products. We are located in the heart of Masuria, but our products go to many European countries, where we are a prized supplier.
We are a well-known manufacturer of wooden garden architecture. We specialize in: pots, fences, grilles, gazebos, terraces, platforms, rollborders, palisades. Every year we introduce new designs and ideas into production. We try to keep up with the needs of the market, but we also create new products.
We produce only from high-quality Masurian pine. To ensure the durability of the wood, we use the highest quality chromium-free impregnations in a pressure autoclave.
If you are looking for interesting and ecological solutions for your gardens, terraces, balconies, plots or other recreational spaces, please visit our store. We offer the highest quality products at a good price.
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