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It is an alternative to the terrace board, easy to assemble and process, it perfectly fulfills its role. The platform also allows for quick laying of paths and wooden walkways.
Made of a grooved board with a cross-section of 14.5x60mm. The product can be easily arranged in any pattern, which can be quickly changed to a different configuration. Assembled with corrosion resistant staples. Impregnated in an autoclave using the vacuum-pressure method with a chromium-free agent from the German company RÜTGERS. The wood is FSC certified.

Produced in two dimensions:

item no. 03.1 - 45x45x2.9cm packed in 144 pieces in a pallet with dimensions of 100x120xH125cm

item no. 03.2 - 60x60x2.9cm packed in 120 pieces in a pallet with dimensions of 120x120xH125cm

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